Are you an Event Organizer

By hosting LIVEALITY at your event, you're making tangible memories possible and taking advantage of a highly-effective piece of socially-connected promotional material your participants will love.

A few of the benefits of hosting LIVEALITY at your next event.

  • Great Event Photography Coverage
  • Personalized Eventbooks for each Participant
  • Branded Landing Page for Event Photos
  • Socially Connected for Participants to Easily Share Images
  • Powerful Analytics to Measure Event Engagement

Event Emails

310% Impressions Clicked

Facebook Sharing

5% Share  |  20 Clicks

Book Purchases

5% Purchase Average

Total Digital Impressions

61x the Total Participants

What is an Eventbook?

A LIVEALITY Eventbook is a custom, one of a kind, commemorative keepsake for each person attending an event.

LIVEALITY hires professional photographers to capture the event, and uses it's own LIVEALITY VUE technology to collect images and video of each individual participant.

Then LIVEALITY's proprietary software and our team of graphic artists filter all the images and videos, pull out great shots of each individual, and combine participant shots with the event pictures to produce a custom Eventbook. Each book is unique and showcases the individual.

Within hours of the event, every participant receives an email with a link to their own custom digital Eventbook that they can look through, share online, and share with family and friends.

All individual participants have the option to have their book professionally printed, giving them a beautiful, high-quality keepsake.

There is also a generic Eventbook produced from pictures encompassing the entire event, and digitally available to everyone, including spectators. This version of the Eventbook is also available for purchase.

How it works

The process LIVEALITY has developed to cover an event from start to a finished Eventbook, combines and leverages raw, human talent with advanced hardware and custom software. Below, you'll find a quick summary of how this process works, and what happens each step of the way.

To fully capture an event and produce the custom Eventbook, LIVEALITY first shops locally. We hire professional photographers that live and work in the community where the event is being held. These photographers cover the entire event, and capture all of the fun, excitement, and energy that make these events so memorable. Our LIVEALITY VUE technology is amazing, but we still believe this is a task that requires the keen eye and experience that can only be found in a real human with lots of talent and a great camera.

Then with the photographers ready to rock, we set up our propietary LIVEALITY VUE systems strategically throughout the event. Depending on the event, LIVEALITY uses a combination of High-Speed video recording, RFID technology, WiFi, Mobile Apps, and GPS to track participants as they make their way through the event. As a participant nears a LIVEALITY VUE System, it begins tagging the recorded video with their information for later processing, and the next step toward their personalized Eventbook.

As the photographers and LIVEALITY VUE Systems capture the event, that information is uploaded in real time to our servers where it's processed, sorted, and compiled. Thousands of images are sorted and evaluated based on our strict criteria of only letting the best of the best through. Also, the tagged video compiled from our LIVEALITY VUE is sorted into high-quality still images of each particpant.

Then our graphic arts team places the best images into a beautiful layout, mixing together the event image photos with LIVEALITY VUE stills of each participant, producing a personalized commemorative digital Eventbook to be sent to each person featuring themself on the cover and throughout the book.

Within just a few hours of the event's finish, the personalized EventbookS are sent out to everyone via email. Each person will recieve an email with a link to their own digital Eventbook. There, they can page through the book on their mobile device and share it with friends and family via social media.

In addition to their personalized digital Eventbook, the participants also have access to all of the images from the entire event, allowing them incredible flexibility in terms of access and what they're able to share.

With an unheard of 81% open rate, and 68% click-through our numbers back up just how engaging this product is, and the value that this type of medium provides to participants and sponsors alike.

The digital Eventbook is an incredible way for each person to relive the event experience. And with our great social sharing tools, it's easy to share that experience with friends and family. In addition to the Eventbook, we also make all of the individual images available to the participants for even more control over what they share and what they're able to keep personally.

Along with their free digital Eventbook provided, each participant has the option to buy as many physical copies as they'd like. These printed EventbookS are extremely high quality, short runs that are printed on demand, producing wonderful keepsakes that can be shared and enjoyed for years to come.

Since events are also fun for the crowd, we offer non-personalized EventbookS that are compiled exclusively with the images taken by the photographers and are available to everyone attending the event.

Not only do great events deserve to be remembered, they deserve to be shared.

So you probably still have some questions

As an event organizer you've got a lot going on, and you certainly don't have time to worry about things like event photography.
Luckily at LIVEALITY we're experts when it comes to event coverage. We've developed a comprehensive suite of tools and technology to provide great coverage for your event, photo management for your participants, social sharing for friends and family, and an incredible personalized Eventbook for each participant.


How much is this going to cost?

Each event is a little different, but as a general rule there is an initial fee of $1325.00 which covers the fixed costs for LIVEALITY to be at the event, and then it's only $0.85 per participant.


Are we going to make any money with this?

You bet. Aside from great attendance when the particpants realize what they're going to get, we have programs that pay you a portion of each physical Eventbook purchased making this an incredible option.


Will people be happy we did this?

Participants love LIVEALITY. It's hard to measure the value of recieving a personalized Eventbook featuring images of you, and then being able to share those memories with your family and friends.


What do we need to do?

Here's the best part. Once you've agreed to host LIVEALITY at your event that's it, we'll take it from there. We have years of experience covering events, and know how to make yours look great.


Is this going to be complicated?

Not at all. We'll explain each step of our process, and go over with you how we plan to cover your event. Once you've signed off we'll take over and provide you and your participants with a great experience.


How much of our time will be required?

We only require a small amount of your time to get all of the details in order for your event. Then you can relax, confident that your event will be covered and you participants will walk away with an increadible keepsake.

It's more than just a photo

- It's the whole experience -

Pre-Busy Season Special

Reserve your spot on our schedule before May 15th

Special Offer for Event Organizers

Sign up and reserve your spot on our schedule by May 15th, 2015 and we'll send your organization 20 Free soft cover books printed immediately following the event. This is in addition to the usual benefits; a book to highlight your sponsors, no cost photos, and personalized online books delivered to each participant the day of the event.

Great Gifts

These books make the perfect gift to give out to Sponsors, VIPs, and Exceptional Volunteers. Or keep a couple in the office for historical value and to display.

Exceptional Value

LIVEALITY Eventbooks really make your event personal for participants, and provide so much value in being able to capture those moments to share with friends and family.

This offer extends that value to you as the organizer, and with a Regular Retail Value for this offer between $540 - $1000 depending on the size of the book, the savings potential is huge.

Organizing an event takes a lot of hard work and dedication, reward yourself and your team with a set of your own Eventbooks.

Want to know more?

Of course you do, and we'd love to answer all of your questions. Click the little button over there and the team here will trip over themselves trying to be the first to find out how LIVEALITY can make your event more memorable.