Make Your Event Unforgettable

Liveality makes great events even better with live event photo streaming, tagging, social sharing, personalized memorabilia, planning tools, and more!


Everything You Need In One App

Liveality offers a suite of highly engaging tools and personalization options
to provide your guests with a truly special experience.


Experience the event through the eyes of others as everyone's photos are live-streamed, tagged, captioned and shared.


Allow quick and easy access to event memories through the App and/or other social media, making it a snap to share with friends and family.


Provide everyone with lasting memories through digital invitations, thank you cards, posters, and Eventbook options, personalized with photos of each individual.

Event Planning

Make planning your event convenient and worry-free by providing tools to set-up your event, invite your guests, provide event details and track RSVP's.

From 2 to Over 2 Million

Solutions for Any Sized Event

Whether it's a small birthday party or a large multi-day festival with millions of people,
Liveality has tools and personalization options to fit any event.

Event Planners

Make your event truly memorable with Liveality. It's simple, just follow these steps:

Quickly and Easily Setup Your Event

Download the free LIVEALITY App on your Smartphone and follow the simple instructions to set-up all details of your event.

Choose the Personalized Memorabilia for the Event

Select your digital personalized memorabilia, choose your themed template and pay for your event.

Send Out Personalized Invites

Create your guest roster and invite other friends, family and loved ones who cannot attend the event to participate real-time.

Track RSVPs

RSVPs will come back to you via the App and you can follow-up with those who may have forgotten to respond.

Create Scheduled Event Items

Set dates for the App to send attendees their personalized posters and thank you notes (as appropriate) any time after the event is over.

Provide Guests with Additional Information

Send out personalized event posters and thank you notes to all attendees to wrap-up your event with style and class!

Event Guests

Get ready to be part of something special - you get to help make a great event even better by taking photos with your smartphone and sharing them with everyone else at the event... in real-time!

Download the App

It's quick, it's easy, it's free! Just download the Liveality App to your smartphone and you're on your way.

Join The Event

Simply enter your event code when prompted - this will grant you access and let you upload photos and see photos that others are uploading.

Take pictures

Capture those great candid shots and take selfies so everyone can experience and enjoy the event from your perspective.

View Realtime Photostream

Be sure to check-out photos uploaded by others so you can experience the event through their eyes as well.

Tag & Share to Social Media

Don't forget, you can also tag photos and share them via other social media.

Free Personalized Digital Memorabilia

Now that the event is over, sit back and enjoy some really cool personalized memorabilia, such as a digital poster of the event that you can save as a keep sake.