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Great Events Deserve to be Remembered

Preserve your memories with a professionally created Eventbook that you can share with the world.

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Personalized Eventbook

Ever dream of being on the cover? Of course you have, and with your Personalized Eventbook, Liveality makes that possible.

These events are a testament to the human spirit, and for many the realization of a lifelong dream. Liveality captures the event, and then creates an amazing Eventbook to commemorate the experience.

But we don't stop there. With our Liveality Vue technology we're able to capture images of you and place them throughout your book, creating a personalized experience like none other.

Created just for you this high quality keepsake will help you relive the memories with friends and family for years to come online or in print.

High Quality

Only the highest quality printing techniques are used to ensure the absolute best finished product.

Heavy Duty

Eventbooks are printed on heavy duty paper stock that's strong and will last a lifetime.


Print as many Personalized EventBooks as you need to share with friends and family.


A complete digital version of your Eventbook is available to view and enjoy on any device.

Memories that Last

Your experience and your memories are important, so we make sure that each Personalized Eventbook is of the highest quality. We print with the latest printing technology producing beautiful rich photo reproductions of your event, and we print them on heavy-duty high quality paper that's sure to last a lifetime.

We also make sharing your event with others a snap. We're able to print as many copies for your Eventbook as you'd like, and for your mobile devices and computer we offer a full electronic version you can take anywhere and share with friends.

Great Events not only deserve to be remembered, they deserved to be shared.

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Your Book Available Your Way

A digital version allows easy viewing, and keeps your book safe.

The printed books look great, but lets be honest... you always have your phone with you. Pull up a digital copy of your Eventbook on any device from anywhere in the world.

Flip through your book on your tablet with friends, or share your book on your favorite social site. The choice is yours, and the flexibility to enjoy your content in a way that best suites your life is all part of our commitment to helping you preserve and share your life.

Great Events
Deserve to be Remembered!

You worked hard, you put in the time, and you shed the tears. Now solidify your achievement with a Personalized Commemorative Eventbook and relive the memories by sharing with friends and family.

How it works

Sign up and Attend

You sign-up and attend an event we're at. Simple enough.

We Take Photos

Our Liveality Vue system captures great pictures of you while our photographers capture the event.

We Make Your Book

We sort through thousands of images and build your Personalized Eventbook

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How it works

We Notify You

We send you a message within hours letting you know your personalized Eventbook is ready to be viewed and shared.

Share with the World

Realizing just how cool it is to be featured in a book, you order yourself a few.

Recommend an Event

Let us know of any other events you know about in your area that would be just a little cooler if we were there.

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Sample Eventbooks


Contact Us

Whether you're an event organizer, event participant, or you'd just like to know a little more about what we do, we'd love to hear from you. We'll happily answer any of your questions, and we love to share how Liveality can make any event more memorable.

Social Media

See the social side of us, and get information about current and future events we'll be at, as well as great pictures and stories.

LIVEality Personalized EventBook Image