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Liveality makes great events even better with live event photo streaming, tagging, social sharing, personalized memorabilia, scheduling tools, and more!


Matrimony, nuptials, wedlock... no matter what you call it, a wedding is a time for celebration. And, as with any celebration, the ability to capture and share memories is an important part of making the event truly unforgettable. One of the real benefits of Liveality is that by empowering your guest to capture all those special moments, you will actually be able to experience the event through the eyes of your guest... no more missing out on those gems that only happen spontaneously once in a lifetime!

So, how can we deliver? Liveality has partnered with EverKnot, an expert at capturing and sharing wedding memories, to help make your special day even more special. With Liveality you have the ability to capture and share photos of the entire event... from those quiet moments as you are getting ready to the last dance at the reception. You can also share any or all of your wonderful photos in a wide range of format... including social media.

The hard part is over... you said Yes. Let us help with some of the details that will make your incredible day even better!


Just as the sun invariably rises in the east, birthdays come around every year. So, regardless of whether you are one of those people who cannot wait for that special day, or like many others, are someone who would rather avoid the subject entirely, why not celebrate in style. Liveality can help make your special day even better by allowing you send out digital invitations, thank you notes and a party poster that can be personalized for each guest. That's right, everyone at your party gets personalized memorabilia.

And don't forget, Liveality allows you to capture all those great event photos that can be shared with friends and family who could not attend so they can also join in the fun and follow along, in real-time, as the event unfolds. Those same photos can also be shared across a wide range of social media.

Your birthday is coming... let us help you to make it the most memorable one yet!


Imagine if everyone at Woodstock had a smartphone... talk about memories! Too bad Liveality wasn't around in the 60's. Let us help you create life-long memories by capturing all those great moments at your next concert, fair or festival. Not only will you be able to re-live your memories, but you'll also be able to experience the event through the eyes of friends and family who also attend the event.

The Liveality App will let you stream your photos, in real-time, to friends and family who are not at the event, tag and favorite your photos for sharing on social media and allow you to create cool memorabilia pieces such as event posters, cards, etc.

So you don't miss a moment of the excitement while you're standing in line at the beer tent or hitting the restroom. Make sure Liveality is part of your next trip to that once in a lifetime music festival.

Corporate Events

Whether your next corporate events are meant to help build pride or strengthen your organizational culture, showcase your capabilities or just to celebrate a great year, Liveality can help make it even more memorable. The skies the limit when it comes to the type and quantity of visual collateral you want to share at your next event. Whatever you need, Liveality's digital event invitations, event posters, and Eventbooks can be personalized for each individual event guest. That's right we can help you to make every guest the star of the event! And don't forget, all that collateral can be branded with your company name, logo, etc.

Making Liveality part of your next event also allows you to capture the event from many different perspectives because everyone who downloads the Liveality App will contribute to the visual memory of the event. It's fun, it's easy and it ensures that everyone will get an opportunity to share in all those spontaneous moments that make the event great.

At Liveality we seek to make great corporate events even better. Let us help you host one for the ages!

Endurance Sports

Shoes... check. Socks... check. Water bottle... check. Ability to capture the exact moment you realize that you own this course... check, but only if you've downloaded the Liveality App.

We got our start in the race/athletic events market. We've covered marathons, bike races, obstacle course events and everything in between. Whether at the start line, finish line, somewhere in between, before or after the race, we want you to have the ability to capture and share your most memorable moments. Liveality can help you and your family and friends capture all those great event photos that, together, tell the story of your journey from "I think I can" to "I did it!" You'll be able to tell your story in pictures and be able to share your triumph via the Liveality App and/or other social media.

Download the Liveality App today so you can start your next race knowing that you'll be able to capture and share all those great moments with friends and family!

More Events

Whatever your reason to bring together friends, family, or associates, we can help you capture and share great memories.

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