Liveality makes great events even better with live event photo streaming, tagging, social sharing, personalized memorabilia, scheduling tools, and more!

Live Data

Tracking the success and engagement of an event has never been easier. Watch realtime analytics, and gain valuable insights into what your guests and attendees love most.

Photo & Image "Favorite" Tracking

Track the number of photos taken, which photos were favorited, and how many photos had people tagged in them.

Social Media Sharing Data

Measure social engagement by tracking the number of photos shared to social media, and the number of likes and shares those photos receive.

Advertiser Impression Tracking

Know the success of In-App ads, and ads appearing in Digital Memorabilia with accurate click-through tracking.

Individual & Group Engagement

Monitor the overall usage of the app, and gain valuable insights into how the app is being used, and what information is most engaging.

Email Distribution & Open Tracking

Watch in realtime the Open and Engagement rates of all personalized personalized communications sent out by you or your event.

Lifetime Digital Memorabilia Engagement Tracking

Engagement with Digital Memorabilia is tracked indefinitely for you, so every time someone looks through their photos that information is available to you.


Provide everyone with lasting memories through digital invitations, thank you cards, posters, and Eventbook options, personalized with photos of each individual.

Personalized Eventbooks

Dazzle everyone attending your event with a personalized Eventbook containing a selection of photos from the event as well as photos of that specific person.

Personalized Invitations

Sending invitations has never been easier. Invite your guests with personalized invitations that contain information about the event, map & directions, and built-in RSVP functions.

Personalized Thank You's

Send out personalized thank you notes that feature a photo of the guest, and can have pre-written messages or handcrafted messages written just for them.

Personalized Posters

A professionally designed and customizable party poster for your event will give each guest a high-quality commemorative keepsake to take home.

Personalized Event Cups

High-quality event specific cups are now available to give your guests something to really remember you by. Designed and printed just for your event, and shipped straight to your door.


Smart Phone App

Our free app puts you in the driver's seat of your event. It allows you to manage everything from who's invited to distributing personalized memorabilia. It also gives your guests the ability to really take part in the event by taking pictures, tagging friends, and sharing directly to social media.

Live-Fi Card

Would you prefer higher quality photos from a real camera or professional at your event? We've got your covered. Our Live-Fi Card can be inserted into most cameras and allow you to live stream the photos from that camera directly into your event. No need to upload them later because they'll already be there.